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Boronia Purple Jared

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Pot Size: 14cm
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Boronia 'Purple Jared' is a compact, evergreen shrub renowned for its striking, deep purple flowers that bloom from late winter to spring. This cultivar grows to about 1 meter in height and spread, making it suitable for small gardens, borders, and containers. The fine, aromatic foliage adds an extra sensory element to its ornamental appeal.

To grow Boronia 'Purple Jared', plant it in a location with partial shade and well-draining, slightly acidic soil. It prefers cool, moist conditions and benefits from regular watering, especially during dry periods, while avoiding waterlogging. Mulch around the base to retain soil moisture and protect the roots. Light pruning after flowering helps maintain its shape and encourages denser growth. This Boronia variety is ideal for adding vibrant color and fragrance to garden spaces, making it a standout feature in shaded or woodland gardens.

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