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Arthropodium Matapouri Bay New Zealand Rock Lily

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pot size: 14cm
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Arthropodium 'Matapouri Bay' is a hybrid form of New Zealand Rock Lily prized for its good looks and easy care. Upright, broad, glaucous green foliage is a year round feature that in summer is crowned with lovely panicles of starry white flowers. Grows to around 1m by 1m.
In Māori culture, Arthropodium species, including Arthropodium Matapouri Bay, were traditionally used for both medicinal and cultural purposes. The plant was known as "renga" to the Māori people. The Māori people used the leaves of the plant to make a poultice to treat wounds, burns, and other skin irritations. They would also boil the roots of the plant and eat them as a vegetable. The flowers were used for ornamental purposes and were often included in traditional Māori lei or garlands.
Arthropodium Matapouri Bay, like other Arthropodium species, prefers well-drained soil and partial shade but can also tolerate full sun in cooler climates. Here are some additional growing conditions to keep in mind:
Soil: Arthropodium Matapouri Bay prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil that is well-draining. It does not tolerate waterlogged or poorly drained soil.
Watering: The plant requires regular watering, especially during the summer months. However, it is important not to overwater it as this can lead to root rot.
Fertilizer: The plant does not require much fertilizer, but a slow-release fertilizer can be applied in the spring to help promote healthy growth.
Propagation: Arthropodium Matapouri Bay can be propagated by division of the rhizomes. This is best done in the spring or fall.
Pruning: Dead or damaged foliage can be removed as needed. The plant can also be cut back to the ground after flowering to encourage new growth.
Overall, Arthropodium Matapouri Bay is a relatively low-maintenance plant that can add beauty to gardens and landscaping is available from Online Plants, Australia's leading e-commerce plant nursery. Located in Melbourne we offer fast, accurate and careful plant delivery to all Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane, metropolitan and regional areas.