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Argyanthemum Beauty Yellow, Daisy

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pot size: 14cm
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Argyranthemum 'Beauty Yellow' Daisy is a vibrant, evergreen perennial known for its cheerful, bright yellow daisy-like flowers with yellow centers. Blooming profusely from spring to autumn, it brings a sunny touch to any garden. This compact plant grows to about 60-80 cm in height and spread, making it perfect for borders, containers, and mass plantings.

To grow Argyranthemum 'Beauty Yellow', plant it in a sunny location with well-draining soil. It thrives in full sun and requires regular watering, particularly during dry spells, but avoid waterlogging. Deadheading spent flowers encourages more blooms and prolongs the flowering season. In colder climates, protect the plant from frost or treat it as an annual. Regular feeding with a balanced fertilizer promotes healthy growth and abundant flowering. This low-maintenance plant is ideal for adding long-lasting color and a cheerful vibe to any garden space.

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