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Araucaria Heterophylla, Norfolk Island Pine

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Araucaria Heterophylla, Norfolk Island Pine, The trees can be well-suited to lawned areas because they hold their needle-like foliage for lengthy periods and consistently shed negligible light amounts. The trees can grow to be very large and beyond 100 years of age so long-term consideration should be made for their growth habit. Conversely, younger trees can be grown for some years in large pots and are sometimes used as Christmas trees while their size allows.

Araucaria heterophylla, commonly known as the Norfolk Island Pine, is an evergreen conifer native to Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean. It features a symmetrical, pyramidal shape with dense, overlapping branches and soft, needle-like leaves. It is a popular ornamental tree known for its elegance and suitability as an indoor houseplant.

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