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Agonis Claret Nights

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pot size: 25cm
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Agonis Claret Nights is a delightful, small native tree with beautiful pendulous foliage. with deep-red coloured leaves which contrast well with deep green foliaged trees in hard to grow areas. Can tolerate sandy, humus rich and clay soils. Versatile, use as a clipped hedge or a feature tree. Grows approx 2m-4m tall x 2m-4m wide.
Agonis 'Claret Tops' is a beautiful and hardy Australian native plant that can thrive in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Plant in a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Water regularly, especially during the establishment period, but allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Agonis 'Claret Tops' is drought-tolerant once established. Prune lightly after flowering to maintain a compact shape and promote bushy growth. Agonis 'Claret Tops' produces stunning burgundy foliage, adding a touch of elegance to the garden.
Will benefit from feeding twice per year with a complete plant food and liquid fertilizer. For further inquiries please use our free garden design service or email:
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