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Adenanthos Silver Streak, Woolly Bush

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Adenanthos 'Silver Streak,' commonly known as Woolly Bush, typically reaches a height of 1-1.5mt in Australian gardens. Its distinctive silver-gray foliage and attractive form make it a popular choice for landscaping, providing a unique and ornamental presence in the garden.

Adenanthos Silver Streak, commonly known as Woolly Bush, is a striking evergreen shrub native to Australia. With silver-gray, needle-like leaves and a bushy, compact habit, it adds texture and color to gardens. Thriving in well-drained soils and full sunlight, this hardy plant is drought-tolerant once established. To grow Adenanthos Silver Streak successfully, plant it in a location with good air circulation, water sparingly, and provide occasional pruning to maintain its shape. Mulching around the base helps conserve moisture.

Overall, it's a resilient and visually appealing choice for gardens, offering unique foliage and adaptability to various climates.

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