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Acmena smithii minor, Sunrise, Dwarf Lily Pilly

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Acmena smithii minor 'Sunrise' Lilly Pilly Sunrise is stunning as a border or hedge due to its bushy habit and fine-leaved foliage maturing to an attractive deep green. New growth flushes brilliant cherry red through all seasons. Sunrise is Psyllid-resistant and responds well to clipping and has a very little leaf or seed drop.

Acmena smithii minor 'Sunrise', commonly known as Dwarf Lily Pilly, is a compact, evergreen shrub prized for its attractive foliage and ornamental appeal. The new growth is a vibrant reddish-pink, maturing to glossy green, providing year-round color. In spring to summer, it produces small white fluffy flowers, followed by edible, pinkish-purple berries.

To grow Acmena smithii minor 'Sunrise', plant it in a sunny to partially shaded location with well-draining soil. It is versatile and can tolerate a range of soil types, though it prefers slightly acidic conditions. Regular watering is essential during the establishment phase, but once established, it is relatively drought-tolerant. Pruning helps maintain its compact shape and encourages bushier growth. This plant is ideal for hedges, borders, or as a feature plant in containers, adding a burst of color and interest to any garden setting.

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