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Acacia Copper Tips

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pot size: 20cm
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Acacia Copper Tips is a delightful new release Australian wattle from Humphris Nurserys, Garden Asset range. The dark green flowing leaves have a coppery tone in spring, this combined the the summer flowering yellow buds gives it a highly distinctive appearance in a native garden. An awesome architectural addition to the garden. With its unique coppery tone, Acacia Copper Tips is a striking addition to any native garden. Its dark green leaves and vibrant yellow buds make it a standout plant for any landscape. Not only does it offer a stunning architectural element, but it also adds a touch of color and texture to your outdoor space.

When grown, Acacia Copper Tips can thrive in both full sun or partial shade environments, and can withstand frost and drought once established. It is recommended to water moderately during the first summer and utilize mulching for optimal growth. Pruning can also be helpful for maintenance purposes.

At maturity will reach up to 3-4 mt. Will benefit from complete plant food application every 6 months. 

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