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Acacia Cognata Bower Wattle

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A native to south-eastern Australia, this is an attractive wattle species with pendulous branches and beautiful weeping habit. Grows to the size of a large shrub or small tree depending on your landscaping needs. The flowers are fluffy yellow and ball shaped. As a small feature tree, it looks great mass planted in the open or under the shade of bigger, taller trees. Position & Soil: Prefers moist situations and can grow very well in dappled shade. Can tolerate most soils types and pH level.

Acacia cognata is a plant species native to Australia. It is commonly known as "narrow-leaved bower wattle" or "river wattle" and belongs to the family Fabaceae. Acacia cognata is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree that typically grows to a height of 3-6 meters, although there are also dwarf cultivars available that are much smaller. It has narrow, lance-shaped leaves that are dark green and glossy, and produces small, yellow, fluffy flowers in spring.

Acacia cognata is popular as an ornamental plant because of its attractive foliage and weeping habit, and is commonly used in landscaping as a low hedge, in mass plantings, or as a specimen plant. It prefers well-drained soil and a sunny position, but can also tolerate some shade. It is a low-maintenance plant that is drought-tolerant once established.

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