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Three Popular Varieties Of Lilly Pilly – Which Is Right For You

Three Popular Varieties Of Lilly Pilly – Which Is Right For You

Lilly pilly is one of the most preferred plant varieties for enthusiastic gardeners in Australia. Their voluminous growth, colour changing feature, fluffy white or greenish flowers and purple, whitish or red berries make them an ideal choice for your garden. Here are three popular varieties of Lilly Pilly:

Acmena Smithii Cherry Surprise:

Acmena Smithii Cherry Surprise is a small, compact shrub that produces bright-red new foliage that turns to deep green when matured. As an easy-to-maintain plant, Cherry surprise responds well to pruning and makes a good hedging plant. It grows to a height of 3 metre and width of 1.5 metre, which can be pruned to your desired size. It prefers moist, well-drained soil but can withstand a range of conditions. Great for small to large yards, Acmena  Smithii Cherry Surprise definitely makes a great border or hedge with its bushy growth habit.

Acmena Smithii Dwarf Lilly Pilly:

Dwarf Lilly Pilly is a small, bushy form that gives rise to attractive bronze coloured new growth that turns to dark shiny green when gets older. They produce feathery creamy-white coloured flowers followed by brightly-coloured berries. Perfect for low hedges and screening, Acmena Smithii dwarf lilly pilly responds well to pruning and adds great colour to your landscape. Though they tolerate most soil types, they prefer well-drained soils and full-sun to heavy shade.

Acmena Smithii Forest Flame:

Forest Flame is a compact form of Lilly Pilly that can be pruned to a height of 1m. Acmena Smithii Forest Flame plant variety gives rise to bright red new growth that turns out to glossy green leaves. When regularly trimmed, it does not produce any berries. When placed in full sun or partly shade position, it gives best results. This variety tolerates dry conditions and extreme frost once established. Though it has resistance to Psyllid, it is affected by pests and diseases.

Other Popular Varieties:

Where To Buy Lilly Pilly?

If you are looking to buy lilly pilly online, you can explore Online Plants – the one-stop shop for your gardening needs. As a leading online plants nursery Melbourne, we stock all popular varieties of lilly pilly, so you can be assured of finding the right species for your garden.  

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