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Red Tips Photinia CPR

Red Tips Photinia CPR

Red tip photinia refers to an ornamental evergreen shrub that grows in hardiness zones 7 to 11 in eastern parts of Australia. This shrub got its name from the fact that its young leaves have a red color which changes to dark green as it matures with time. Red tip photinia is usually used for hedges where it can be constantly pruned so that it can maintain its shape. This allows new red leaves to be produced throughout the year. However, it is important to note that red tip photinia which is available at Online Plants is a shrub that is usually grown for its foliage while the flowers have an unpleasant odor.

Red tip photinia can develop leaf spot infections when they are exposed to humid conditions. You can notice the first signs of leaf spot infections when the leaves have tiny reddish spots. Plants that are adversely affected for many years will eventually die. Fungicide sprays may help control severe leaf spot infections. However, you can perform cultural controls like removing infection sources, improving air circulation and growing the plant in a shade to areas that are sunny. 

  • Remove decaying leaf matter

It is easy to think that decaying leaf matter is good for the soil. This is true but if the decaying leaves do not have enough heat it can be difficult for them to kill the bad bacteria that cause the disease to spread. Therefore, you should not only remove the affected leaves from the plant but also pick up any fallen leaves and place them in the trash. 

  • Prune during fall 

It is important you start by disinfecting your pruning shears using disinfectant before you begin pruning. Major pruning should be done during fall. Remove the lowest branches to leave 1-foot gap between the ground and the plant. Make sure you also remove crossing and dead growth from the plant as well as thin overcrowded stems. The aim of pruning is to create a good plant structure and air circulation.

  • Treat the plant using fungicide

In case you are dealing with a heavy infestation, you may require using fungicide to treat the plant. Spray copper fungicide on the photinia plant that is adversely affected with leaf spot. 

Varieties: Photinia Robusta, Photinia Red Devil, Photinia Red Robin, Photinia Black Jack, Photinia Super Hedge, Photinia Super Bronze, Photinia Glabra Rubens, Photinia Allyn Sprite

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