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Photinia Black Jack

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pot size: 20cm
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Photinia Black Jack is an evergreen shrub with outstanding new growth colour.

Photinia species have been popular in Australian gardens for generations and black jack is an improved form with interesting dark foliage. It can be used for hedging, windbreaks, screening or as a specimen shrub. Grows to 3-4mt if left un-pruned, but can be trimmed to as low as a meter. 

Online plants advises lightly trimming as the plant grows, don't wait until black jack reaches the desired height and then commence pruning, as this could result in unattractive bare limbs. 

Fertilize in spring with organic plant food for best results. Photinia black jack will really benefit from mulching, This will really help with fast growth and ultimately a healthy shrub. 

Photinia Black Jack is a cultivar of the evergreen shrub Photinia, which is native to Asia. This cultivar is known for its dark green foliage that turns a deep red color in the spring and fall, giving it a striking appearance. The leaves are glossy and leathery, and the plant produces clusters of small white flowers in the spring.

Photinia Black Jack is a hardy plant that is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, but prefers well-draining soil that is slightly acidic. It can grow in full sun to partial shade and is resistant to drought and disease.This cultivar is often used as a hedge plant or as a specimen plant in a mixed border. It can be pruned to maintain its shape and size, and is easy to propagate from cuttings.

Overall, Photinia Black Jack is a popular and attractive plant that is well-suited for a variety of landscaping applications.

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