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Recommended Varieties of Camellia
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Recommended Varieties of Camellia

The following varieties of Camellia are not only known to be good garden plants, but they also produce good blooms. They are highly recommended by skilled and experienced growers. The plants can be a good option for people to have interest in growing camellias due to two main reasons; 

  • These varieties of camellia are regular winners in top competitions and shows
  • They are known to be attractive landscape plants

Even before you purchase plants online that you see on a show bench, it is always important to check the plant with a specialist nursery or experienced grower. This is because you can find varieties that are known to produce beautiful blooms, but some of them may not be good growers. Other varieties found in shows may not be commercially available, but they can be obtained through the interchange of scions between members. Some of the best varieties include:

  1. C. SASANQUAS and Related Species

In this category, there is a large variety of Camellia available in different colours which include white, silver pink, deep red among others. Some of the camellia variety in this category include Asakura, Bert Jones, Bonanza and Egao


The plants in this category produce cream petals, white, light pink, creamy white, rose pink among many other beautiful colours. Among the camellia species in this category are Brushfield’s Yellow, Desire, Great Eastern and Elegans Champagne

  1. C. JAPONICA (Miniature & Smaller flowered cultivars)

This category of Camellia variety has plants with amazing petal colours. They include Black Tie that produces dark red, small and formal double petals, Fircone which produces blood red petals, Little Man little with white shading to pink petals and Tinsie with red outer petals.


Plants here produce different colour petals ranging from bright pink, pale pink, white shaded pink among others. They include Adorable, Baby Bear, Snow Drop and Our Melissa.

Varieties: Camellia Japonica Nicky CrispCamellia Japonica VolunteerCamellia Japonica BettyCamellia Japonica Black TieCamellia Japonica Bob Hope, Camellia Japonica C.M Hovey, Camellia Japonica Debbie, Camellia Japonica, Camellia Japonica E.G Waterhouse

With Online Plants, you can choose the best garden possible. Make sure to choose the camellia flowering plants to maintain the best garden. These plants are also attractive landscape plants which are healthy flowering plants.  

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