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Camellia japonica Volunteer

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pot size: 14cm
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Superb new release species of Camellia.  Camellia japonica Volunteer a species of flowering plant in the Theaceae family that is native to Japan, and is widely cultivated for its stunning flowers.
The ‘Volunteer’ Camellia is an evergreen camellia growing some 2 m high and 1.5m wide. The flower is a deep rich pink with white edges and deepening to a darker pink as the flower ages. They flower from May to September, providing winter colour in your garden and you can pick them for indoors. It can be planted in the garden or in a large pot – camellias look great in shiny glazed pots.
Camellia japonica volunteer typically grows as a large evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green leaves and large, showy flowers that bloom in late winter to early spring. The flowers range in color from white, pink, and red, to variegated and multi-colored, and can be single or double-petaled. Excellent choice for use as a specimen plant or in a mixed border.
Will benefit from twice yearly feeding with specific low ph fertiliser, Scott's Camellia Osmocote slow release plant food. Apply thick mulch after planting to maintain moisture and keep surface roots cool. 
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