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Pencil Pines Growth Rate, Problems, Root System

Pencil Pines Growth Rate, Problems, Root System

Is your garden too small? Especially when you’re having a tight space, it’s good to use every inch of it. If you’re looking for some tree varieties that won’t require much maintenance, you can invest in Pencil Pines. Pencil pines are deciduous and they are generally seen in driveways, boundary lines, and large front yards. They are hardy and thrive well in almost all types of climatic conditions.

They are more drought-tolerant, and it’s best to protect them with mulches during dry spells. These prefer full sun and require well-manured soil to grow well. So, you must ensure to keep the soil enriched with organic compost. Moreover, pencil pines plants are best for providing privacy from the noisy neighbourhood. Not only it looks elegant, but it also enhances the curb appeal of your home. 

  • Pencil Pines are hardy, attractive, and a perfect landscaping tree. Whether you have a single-storey house with a small front yard or nowhere to plant a large tree, these are excellent to frame your home.
  • Pencil pines grow from seed, and it can be grown from cut plantings as well.
  • They are fondly called as Christmas trees, and it can be used as a decor for indoors and outdoors.
  • Pencil Pines highlight the garden features with its beautiful shape.
  • These are increasingly popular with households for its pencil shape, and it creates naturally narrow screens in confined spaces.
  • They grow one meter per year and should be trimmed to achieve the desired size.
  • If you’re planting plenty of them, make sure to leave a 1-meter gap between each, and can create a beautiful hedge or even grown into a landscape.
  • Though this is a slow-growing tree, it will grow tall and slender and should be trimmed at intervals.
  • Whether it’s for hedging or landscaping, pencil pines provide a great share of privacy for your home.


Cupressus Swanes Golden Pencil PineCupressus Sempervirens Glauca Pencil Pine

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