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Lilly Pilly - The Gardener's Favourite

Lilly Pilly - The Gardener's Favourite

There are about sixty plus varieties of Lilly Pilly in Australia. These are commonly used as hedges, backyard plants and can be seen in almost every park, landscapes, and resorts. These beautify any place with its dense and evergreen foliage. They also have dark green foliage with new pink and red growth. It is quite attractive to see different variations in one plant and some varieties of Lilly Pilly also yield fruits that are edible.

They range from a small bush to a big tree and are grown widely for their ornamental value and rapid growth. Their fruits vary in taste and can make a refreshing snack when consumed fresh. Some people would even use it as a topping on their desserts. Lilly Pilly emits a clove-like smell and its fruits flowers and leaves have anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties. Now, more than an ornamental plant, Lilly Pilly is much sought-after for their skin care and hair care ailments.

They are grown for their beautiful flowers and edible fruits. They can adapt well in all types of soil and can withstand heat. You must provide them with fertile soil, proper sunlight and water to achieve fast growth, bright flowers and fluffy berries.

From container shrubs to trees, these can be grown easily with low maintenance. If you are having a container Lilly pilly, ensure to water them regularly otherwise, containers tend to dry fast and make your plant suffer. Lilly Pillies can be a great addition to your garden and it can bring the native birds with their sweet aroma and attractive fruits. Most of Lilly Pilly trees tend to grow in shape naturally. You can also prune them in different shapes if needed.

The tree varieties of Lilly Pilly can make excellent screen beds, landscape hedges, and can be used as backyard trees. These can be easily pruned to a required height than their usual height. 

When it comes to decorating your garden, Lilly Pilly is a perfect choice for your garden hedge, front yard and backyard garden needs.

Planning to get your Lilly Pilly? Head to Online Plants for a wide variety of Lilly Pillies and add this edible ornamental shrub to your garden today.

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