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Summer Border Plants And Trees For Your Garden

Summer Border Plants And Trees For Your Garden

It's summer and most of you probably spend most of your time outdoors. Summer doesn’t mean your garden should be dry or just plain green. You can plant colourful and happy flowering plants like pink agapanthus commonly known as “African Lily” and aromatic trees to make your garden look vibrant, sweet-smelling, and spectacular. If you are searching for the perfect summertime beauties to make your garden look fresh and showy, we have the best list for you. You can shop these plants or trees directly from the plant nurseries in Melbourne or order via online plant nurseries in Melbourne with door delivery.  Now, let’s get to know.

Blue Agapanthus

If you are after something showy, and simple to maintain, but make your garden look appealing, Blue Agapanthus is a great option. These dwarf white beauties are perfect for low borders and edging your garden. They require minimal care, well-drained soil, and partial to full sun to thrive.

Dwarf Agapanthus

Another Agapanthus called “Baby Pete” is one of the most popular Australian dwarf flowering plants. This dwarf agapanthus is compact, and hardy and produces bold-blue flowers that make the garden look showy.

Bay Leaf Tree

The Bay leaf tree is an evergreen aromatic tree that is versatile. They will grow in full or partial sunshade and adapt to all types of soils, including clay. The bay tree is a well-drained soil and has little care to thrive well. Dried bay leaves are used in cooking and as a diffuser to spread fragrance, and said to believe that they ward off negative energies as well. If you want bay leaf tree for sale, order from a plant nursery near you.

Bay Laurel Hedge

As a potted plant or as an aromatic hedge, Bay Laurel Hedge is a perfect option. Bay laurels like to be kept in moist soil and can be pruned into your desired shape. These leaves are edible and can be used for cooking stew, sauces, essential oils, medicines, and other gravies. They are resistant to pests and diseases.

So, does your garden look empty and dry this summer? Plant these adorable trees and bordering plants to turn your garden colourful. Want to buy them at best price? Visit Online Plants today. For more information, call 0394241946 today.

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