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Is Pittosporum The Right Plant For Your Garden? – Read To Find Out

Is Pittosporum The Right Plant For Your Garden? – Read To Find Out

A home with a touch of greenery is the best place to unwind. Having said that, if you want to make your home look like a green land, make Pittosporum as your choice. They provide luminous and dense foliage all-year around. Noted for its beautiful foliage, you can add them in your garden or a hedge or a landscape, they offer privacy from the neighbourhood and won’t demand much effort. However, their dense growth may require some pruning to keep them in shape. There are many varieties of Pittosporum hedge plants as shrubs, small trees, and all of them are versatile. So, choosing the one that suits you will complement your garden style.

  • If you’re looking for a fast-growing, hardy shrub, you can go for Pittosporum. As they make for a good hedge, you can grow as tall and dense as you allow, but make sure to check its growth speed as they grow fastly, and you may have to clip them short.

  • They are low-maintenance and are resistant to disease and garden pests.

  • They grow 24 inches in a year where their growth rate will slow as it matures.

  • You can plant them in spring or fall. Initially, you need to water them well until their roots get established.

  • It requires only a little care and you can even prune them into dreamy shapes.

  • From a hedge to a standalone shrub and as a screen bed, they can be grown in pots on your terrace, deck or balcony.

  • If you’re planting them in winter, protect it from the cold by covering the pot with mulch.

  • If your garden receives much light from the sun, then it’s best to have them planted for they require full sun, and survive even hot temperatures.

  • If your garden soil is well-drained, they can thrive well and provide you with healthy-looking foliage.

Various Pittosporum Species

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