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Pittosporum Hole In One

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Pittosporum Hole in One is the perfect, low maintenance border plant. It is a vigorous grower, yet stays very compact and round with little to no pruning. Branching freely from its base, it develops a very dense, multi-stemmed shape. It has bright, variegated, mint-green glossy green leaves with small, inconspicuous chocolate-purple flowers in late spring/early summer. This evergreen specimen is very low maintenance, staying around 50cm tall x 50cm wide. Plant 40cm apart and you will be rewarded with a stunning and compact hedge in no time at all!

Pittosporum 'Hole in One' is a compact, evergreen shrub that is part of the Pittosporaceae family. It is a hybrid cultivar of Pittosporum tenuifolium and Pittosporum crassifolium, and was developed in New Zealand. 

The leaves of Pittosporum 'Hole in One' are small, glossy, and oval-shaped, measuring around 1-2 centimeters in length. They have a dark green center and a bright golden-yellow margin, which gives the plant its unique variegated appearance. The new growth of the plant is often pink or red before maturing to green and gold. The foliage is abundant and dense, creating a compact and bushy plant.

Pittosporum 'Hole in One' typically grows to a height of height and width of 50cm, with a neat and tidy growth habit. It prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. The plant is generally low maintenance and can tolerate drought and frost.

In late spring to early summer, Pittosporum 'Hole in One' produces small, fragrant, cream-colored flowers that are inconspicuous but attractive to bees and other pollinators. The plant is often used in mixed borders, as a specimen plant, or as a low hedge due to its compact size and attractive foliage. It can also be grown in containers, making it an excellent choice for patio or balcony gardens.

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