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Is Pittosporum Good For Fencing Your Yard - Find How?

Is Pittosporum Good For Fencing Your Yard - Find How?

They say evergreen plants that are grown on fence lines make your garden look visually appealing. If you plan to have a beautiful fence for your garden, planting a fast-growing fence plant like Pittosporum can help make your fence lovely and green all year round. As Pittosporum is a dense evergreen plant, it is ideal for landscaping and hedging options. What makes Pittosporum attractive is its beautiful green leaves and multi-stems that can be shaped and pruned to get the desired space. 

  • They are salt-tolerant as well. Due to its compact growth and drought-resistant nature, they can also thrive well in coastal areas.  

  • You can even create a boundary line with the plant and keep it in line with a light pruning. They can add the winter interest to your garden and even serve as a guard to your other plants.

  • Pittosporum fencing can help control soil erosion, reduce noise and improve air quality.

  • Pittosporum can help to define the boundary lines. They not only provide effective screens from prying eyes, but they also create a beautiful exterior.

  • They are well suited for hedges and screen covers where it offers privacy and due to their rapid growth rate, density and toughness.

  • They require minimal care, and you all need to do is water regularly when established.

  • They are hardy and are resistant to most pest diseases.

  • If you're planning to create a fence with Pittosporum, make sure your soil is well-drained.

  • When matured, pittosporum produces fragrant, orange-blossom scented, flower clusters in early spring which will be a spectacular scene to watch. The cream-white flower clusters are three inches wide and look very appealing against the dark green foliage.

  • The reason why pittosporum is used for fencing is, it can be sculpted into the shapes that you want and it offers the privacy you need.

Various Pittosporum Species

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