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Also known as flax allies, these gorgeous plants are a family of strappy-leaved plants. They produce beautiful blue flowers and purple-coloured berries, claiming their spot among your garden’s favourite. Landscaping professionals also love them. They have a clumping nature and are therefore suitable for mass plantings. They are named after the Greek goddess of hunting, Diana. Some of Dianellas varieties are below:


More resistant to wet, cold and humid conditions.


This one is highly tolerant to salty, shady and high moisture environment


Can cope with a mushy environment but thrives well in dry conditions.

Varieties: Dianella Blue Flax Lilly, Dianella Blue Stream, Dianella Breeze, Dianella Cassa Blue, Dianella Cherry Red, Dianella Little Rev, Dianella King Alfred, Dianella Little Jess, Dianella Lucia, Dianella Paroo Lilly, Dianella Revelation, Dianella Sea Spray, Dianella Silver Streak, Dianella Weeping Kate, Dianella Stampede, Dianella Gracey, Dianella Emerald Arch, Dianella Goddess

How do you grow them?

Growing Dianella Plants is very easy. They perform well in fertile soils. The most suitable time to add fertilizer to the plant is just before producing new spring growth. They do very well in well-drained soils. They can, however, tolerate poor soil but for better results enriching the soil is critical. After planting, frequently water them and apply mulch to retain the moisture. After they establish themselves in the ground, they become cold and drought tolerant.

Caring for Dianella plants

To keep the plant looking tidy, old, yellow and pest-infected leaves should be removed occasionally. The affected foliage is bagged up and thrown away to prevent the disease from spreading to other leaves. When adding fertilizer, you should not place the compost too close to the base of the plant to avoid burning. Fertilizer granules that land on the leaves should be washed away using a hose. To avoid congestion, clumps can be thinned and separated, especially during autumn.

Are you looking for low maintenance yet beautiful plant? The Dianella should be among your obvious choices. Add that extra sensation to your garden by trying them today.

You can buy plants online from Online Plants and choose from the different species at the comfort of your home.

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