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Guide To Choosing, Planting, And Taking Care Of Your Grevillea

Guide To Choosing, Planting, And Taking Care Of Your Grevillea

Whether you want to simply fill blank space between plants or cover a large area in your garden, you will not go wrong with Grevillea. Available in various sizes ranging from evergreen shrubs and ground cover to trees, Grevilleas are recognised for their stunning flowers and delicate foliage. Being native to Australia, these plant species can grow quickly, survive well and thrive in harsh weather conditions. Available in an assortment of varieties, Grevillea offer something for every yard and garden. 

Picking Up The Right Grevillea For your Garden:

There are nearly 400 species of Grevillea plants available, so picking up the right variety may become a difficult task. From small shrubs to extremely large trees, Grevillea comes in different sizes. Flowers of Grevillea are extremely noticeable with long tendrils and also come in different sizes, shapes and colours.  Finally comes the leaves of Grevillea that look more like pine and that of ferns.

Planting Your Grevillea:

Grevillea grow well in hot weather and well-drained soil, so you must plant them in sunny location that receives full sun. After planting, the entire area should be soaked with water and covered in mulch. Moreover, the plant must be watered twice a week for the first few months until it establishes.

Taking Care Of Grevillea:

When it comes to fertilising grevillea, it is better to avoid fertilizers rich in phosphorous. This is because, phosphorous can poison the plant and make it to die. Depending on the type of grevillea you have planted, the need for maintenance differs. While shrubs can be shaped or lightly pruned occasionally, large trees need regular pruning to ensure their proper growth and health.

Popular Varieties:

Grevillea MoonlightGrevillea Apricot Glow, Grevillea Bonfire, Grevillea Ground Cover, Grevillea Rosmarinifolia, Grevillea Forest Rambler, Grevillea Olivacea, Grevillea Coconut IceGrevillea FireworksGrevillea Copper CrestGrevillea Clearview David, Grevillea Canterbury Gold, Grevillea Barklyana Gully, Grevillea Bonnie Prince CharlesGrevillea Deua Flame, Grevillea Endlicheriana Spindly, Grevillea IvanhoeGrevillea Gaudi Chaudii

Where To Buy Grevillea?

If you have decided to buy Grevillea online, you can explore Online Plants that has an extensive range of garden plants, trees and shrubs to choose from. Our grevillea plants are available for delivery to your doorstep in all Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, metropolitan and regional areas.

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