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Brighten Up Your Garden With Heuchera
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Brighten Up Your Garden With Heuchera

Coral Bells have colourful foliage which makes this plant perfect for brightening up your garden throughout the growing season. Heuchera plant derived its name from a German professor Johann Heinrich von Heuchera who was a specialist in a medicinal plant. Its name Coral Bells come from the bell-shaped flowers. This perennial plant has an attractive basal mound in addition to triangular, heart-shaped or rounded leaves which are ruffled or smooth wavy. Other than traditional green leaved Heuchera, new types of Coral Bells available at Online Plants have leaves which come in shades of gold, lime green, rose, and purple.  Also known as Alumroot, Heuchera is usually hard from Zone 4 to Zone 9 and can mature to 2 to 18 inches.


Varieties of Coral Bells


  • Heuchera Green Spice: this coral bell variety has large green leaves and is very tough.
  • Heuchera Marmalade: this has frilly leaves which range in shades of deep sienna to umber.
  • Heuchera Tiramisu: this type of coral bell has chartreuse leaves which are tinged with red.
  • Heuchera Autumn Leaves: changes colour through the seasons from red to ruby.
  • Heuchera Chocolate Ruffles: this kind of coral bell got its name from the chocolate colour on top of the leaf.

How to grow Heuchera

Online Plants such as Heuchera are great when they are grown in edges and are colourful when they are put together in groups. Dark purple leaves make yellow flowers such as coreopsis glow. On the other hand, butterscotch-coloured leaves bring the best out of green leaves. The coral bells should be divided after every three to five years to prevent them from dying out in the middle. It is advisable you cut the leaves once it becomes rugged after winter so that new leaves can grow quickly.

Varieties: Heuchera Black Taffeta, Heuchera Fire Alarm, Heuchera Forever PurpleHeuchera GlitterHeuchera ObsidianHeuchera SpellboundHeuchera Suger Plum

Heuchera should be grown in partial shade or full sun conditions. In case it is grown in full sun, the plant should be watered. Coral Bells should be grown at pH levels between 6 and 7. The Heuchera plant requires minimal water and best grows in moist soil. You should apply half-inch layer of slow releasing fertilizer.     

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