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Best Plants for Courtyard Gardens Australia
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Best Plants for Courtyard Gardens Australia

What are the best plants for a Courtyard garden?

There are also many suitable plants for patio areas. Espalier plants are grown flat as a screening option but are also fantastic specimens. There are many new release species available in this form. Camellia, Olive, Gardenia, Cumquat and lemon varieties. Try planting in front of timber screening with river pebbles at the base or low contrast foliage groundcovers such as Trachelopspernum tricolour or the purple foliage of Alternanthera to give help give a splash of colour contrast. 

Other architectural plants to consider in your patio garden are Bamboo, Nepalese blue or black bamboo are beautiful shimmering options for part screening. 
Brachychiton bottle tree is another option as an interesting statement which can be planted in a large bowl or pot. Consider low dense hedging plants such as Syzygium winter lights, Nandina species such as flirt, moon bay or Gulfstream. Or mix it up with silver foliaged Cotyledon.

For a more formal screening option in your courtyard consider Bay tree, or new release Lilly pilly obelisk, even mix it up with grey foliaged Olives as screen or espalier option, then add simple but colourful liriope royal purple as a base. 
Still can't decide?  Perhaps a garden consult from nursery experts is the best option. 


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