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A Brilliant Summer Border Shrub - Photinia Glabra Rubens

A Brilliant Summer Border Shrub - Photinia Glabra Rubens

Looking for small shrubs or your garden landscape? Photinia Glabra Rubens is a tropical shrub with beautiful foliage. This shrub is ideal for hedges, dividers, and even used as screen beds. If you ever come across a plant with beautiful burgundy leaves - It is none other than Photinia Glabra Rubens.


This showy evergreen shrub requires low maintenance, and are drought-resistant. It can work well for hedges and also make for a perfect container plant, but regular pruning is necessary. These look spectacular and adore your space with its red foliage and white flowers.


Locally called Christmas berry, this plant’s crimson foliage turns to green when mature. Most parks, public gardens, driveways have this beautiful shrub as their borders or hedges. The foliage looks glossy and appealing, and it is the best option for hedging or screening option for gardeners. It gives rise to tiny white flower clusters like snow bulbs and bears apple-like fruits. Though these are not for consumption, birds love their fruits.


To maintain your Photinia, you must prune them regularly to keep them in shape. Many species of Photinia are trees and shrubs with attractive foliage, and flowers, but this Photinia Glabra Rubens steals the show with its immaculate beauty.


How To Care For A Photinia?

  • Once you plant them, water them plentifully for a week, but never let the soil water-logged.

  • It grows well in partial sun to full sun, and regular trimming should keep them in shape as these tend to grow densely.

  • Provide a humus-free and nutrient-rich soil

  • These are frost-resistant as well.

  • For better results, plant them in well-nourished soil, ample water, and bright sunlight.  

  • It gives rise to tiny white flowers and red berries that eventually turns black.

  • Use organic fertilisers and prune them regularly.

Varieties: Photinia RobustaPhotinia Red DevilPhotinia Red RobinPhotinia Black JackPhotinia Super HedgePhotinia Super BronzePhotinia Glabra RubensPhotinia Allyn Sprite


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