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Syzygium Australe Elite

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pot size: 25cm
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Syzygium Elite is a terrific hedging/screening and privacy plant, with a fast growing and dense growth habit. At maturity it can reach 4-5mt tall and 2-3mt wide.  Although they can successfully be pruned to smaller size if required. 

It has glossy green leaves with bronze orange new growth. Also good for topiary and bonsai.  Attracts native birds for the flowers, the reddish edible fruit and refuge. It is a good idea to start regular tip  pruning when young if using for hedges, to ensure bushiness to the ground.

Feed in spring and summer with a complete garden fertilser. Grows best in a full sun position or partial shade in well drained, fertile loam or garden soil. 
Mulch well at planting, and continue to water through the first summer.  Will benefit from deep watering at the roots system during extended dry periods. 

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