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Scaevola Mauve Clusters

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pot size: 14cm
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A spreading free flowering ground cover, which flowers continually in the warmer months. Dark green contrasting foliage makes it a standout plant. Excellent plants to aid weed extrusion, and moisture retention.  Can be planted in full sun or partial shaded areas.  Try to avoid heavy over head watering, as this may cause the center to rot.  
Scaevola Mauve Clusters is a cultivar of Scaevola aemula, a species of flowering plant native to Australia. As the name suggests, this cultivar produces mauve-colored fan-shaped flowers, which bloom profusely from spring through fall. The plant has a trailing habit.
Like other cultivars of Scaevola aemula, Scaevola Mauve Clusters is a low-maintenance plant that is relatively easy to grow. It prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. It is also drought-tolerant and can survive in dry conditions, making it a great choice for xeriscaping.
Propagation of Scaevola Mauve Clusters is typically done through stem cuttings or by division of the root ball. The plant can be grown in containers or in the ground and is commonly used in borders, hanging baskets, and as ground cover. It attracts butterflies and bees to the garden, making it a great choice for pollinator-friendly landscapes.
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