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Pieris Japonica

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An attractive small shrub producing beautiful waxy-white, bell-shaped, fragrant flowers in spring followed by pinkish-coloured new growth. Pieris prefer a semi-shaded position Pieris japonica, also known as Japanese pieris or Andromeda, is an evergreen shrub native to Japan and Taiwan. It is a member of the heath family, Ericaceae, which also includes rhododendrons and blueberries.
Japanese pieris typically grows to a height of 1-2mt and has an attractive, compact habit with glossy, dark green leaves. In early spring, the shrub produces clusters of delicate, bell-shaped flowers that hang in pendulous clusters. The flowers can be white, pink, or red and are often fragrant.
Pieris japonica is a popular ornamental shrub in gardens and landscapes due to its attractive foliage and early spring blooms. It prefers acidic soil and partial shade, making it a good choice for woodland gardens or shaded borders. However, it can also tolerate full sun with adequate moisture.
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