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Nandina Flirt

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pot size: 14cm
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Nandina Flirt is a red flushing groundcover with red new growth foliage most of the year. It is very drought, cold and humidity tolerant. Flirt goes almost completely red in winter. It is a safe choice around bushlands as it will not spread from seed. It grows from 30-40cm high with a spread of approx. 40-50cm.
To grow Nandina Flirt, choose a well-draining location with partial to full sun. Plant in fertile soil, and water regularly during the first year to establish root system. Once established, it's relatively drought-tolerant. Prune in early spring to shape and remove dead growth. Protect from extreme cold.
Adaptable and low-maintenance, Nandina Flirt adds vibrant red foliage to your garden landscape.
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