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Mandevilla aloha white

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pot size: 20cm
Sizing guide

The Aloha Mandevilla series are versatile climbing plants that boast prolific flowering in the warmer months and offer a great choice of excellent flower colours. We’re also proud to say they’re bred right here in Australia. The range takes you through a voyage from the darkest red to the brightest pink and white.

Plant them in compost-rich, free draining soil in ground or in a pot. Plant them in full sun (or at least a sunny position) along wire mesh fencing, arbors, trellises or pergolas. If planting in a pot, we suggest a 30-40cm size and use high quality potting mix that offers reasonable moisture retention. Mulching recommended.

Watering: The Aloha series will perform best if the soil is kept moist however they are surprisingly drought tolerant and will handle a couple of weeks without irrigation. You will need to increase watering during those hot summer periods when evaporation increases.

Mandevilla enjoy a feed so use either a general purpose controlled release fertiliser in spring and autumn or use one of the many liquid feeds. You’ll be rewarded with denser, healthier foliage and increased flowering response.

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