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Leucadendron Golden Mitre

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pot size: 14cm
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  Leucadendron Golden Mitre is a small evergreen rockery shrub which was selected for its golden coloured foliage from Autumn to Spring.
How to look after Leucadendron Golden Mitre:
Although Leucadendrons are drought tolerant, soil should be kept moist in the first year until plant is established, once established they may require some watering in extremely dry conditions.
Prune Leucadendron Golden Mitre by removing flowers (which are popular in floral arrangements) this will encourage new growth and help maintain shape of plant.
Leucadendron laureolum salignum Golden Mitre Conebush, is an evergreen South African native shrub, prized for screening and hedging. 
Medium sized shrub that produces beautiful golden coloured foliage from Autumn and throughout Spring. Grows to approx 1.5m tall. Excellent cut flower with a long vase life.  Plant in well drained soil in full sun. 
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