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Lagerstroemia Indica Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle

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Crepe Myrtle Tuscarora is most popular crepe myrtle. It is a medium sized ornamental tree with green leaves which turns attractive yellow to orange/red in autumn season.  Crepe Myrtle Tuscarora are grown for its attractive red coloured flowers in summer and deciduous mottled trunk in winter.
Possibly the best of the dark fuchsia-pink flowering cultivars in the Indian Summer® range. The flowers and highly ornamental bark make this tough small tree a useful specimen or screening tree. Lustrous dark green, turning reddish-orange in autumn. Young leaves tinged red. Dark, fuchsia-pink flowers with yellow stamens in large panicles from late summer to early autumn. Grows to a height of 4-5m & 5m wide.
Lagerstroemia indica 'Tuscarora', commonly known as Crepe Myrtle 'Tuscarora', is a medium-sized tree or large shrub that is popular for its stunning coral-pink flowers that bloom in the summer. The flowers are produced in large clusters at the ends of the branches and have a crepe-paper-like texture, hence the common name "crepe myrtle".
'Tuscarora' is a fast-growing cultivar, with multi-trunked or vase-shaped habit and attractive peeling bark that adds winter interest to the landscape. The leaves are a glossy dark green and turn yellow, orange, or red in the fall.
Crepe myrtles, including 'Tuscarora', prefer a sunny location and well-drained soil. They are generally easy to care for and are relatively drought-tolerant once established. Pruning can be done in late winter or early spring to promote a more compact growth habit and encourage flower production.
'Tuscarora' is a popular cultivar of crepe myrtle and is often used as a specimen plant or in group plantings in the landscape. Its stunning flowers make it a great choice for adding color to the garden, and its multi-trunked habit makes it a good choice for creating a small, informal tree. The plant is also disease-resistant and low-maintenance, making it a great addition to any landscape.
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