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Juniperus Blue Arrow

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pot size: 20cm
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Online plants recommends blue arrow as an excellent choice for a narrow pencil pine conifer

As its name suggests, Blue arrow is a thin, narrow, columnar shaped conifer. Blue arrow has been bred as an improved variety of skyrocket.  It doesn't get the ugly nuts and keeps a much tighter and narrower form than skyrocket.  Its also deeper blue in color 

Blue arrow is a cultivar of juniper native to North America. It is often used as a vertical accent in garden beds, as a screen or hedge, or as a specimen plant. It is a low-maintenance plant that is drought-tolerant and can thrive in a variety of soil types and growing conditions. It is also resistant to many common pests and diseases that can affect other species of juniper.

Very slow growing form,  after 10 years it will only have reached 3-4mt in height and 50cm in width.  Very popular because of its steel blue foliage.   Ideal as a medium height screen hedge, specimen planting with other conifers or consider using as an entrance plant in concrete pots.

Mulch around the base to keep consistently moist during summer,  this will keep the plant healthy and help with retaining the deep blue color

Overall, Blue Arrow Juniper is a versatile and attractive plant that can add interest and structure to any garden or landscape. It is particularly well-suited for use in modern or contemporary garden designs, where its clean lines and distinctive color can make a bold statement.

Will benefit from feeding twice per year with a complete plant food and liquid fertilizer. For further inquiries please   Available for fast delivery to your door in all Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane, metropolitan and regional areas.