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Helleborus Corsicus

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pot size: 14cm
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Helleborus corsicus has bold foliage and is attractive even without flowers. It enjoys both sun and shade conditions but struggles in clay soils where drainage is a problem. The new buds are a soft creamy-green and amass on top of the plant with the floral display against the dark green foliage an outstanding feature of this plants online.
Helleborus corsicus, is a perennial flowering plant native to Corsica. It typically grows to a height of about 30-60 centimeters (12-24 inches) and spreads to form clumps of foliage.
To grow Helleborus corsicus, choose a location with partial shade and well-drained soil. Plant the rhizomes or seeds in the spring or early fall, keeping them moist but not waterlogged. Provide regular watering and mulch around the plants to conserve moisture. Prune any dead or damaged foliage in late winter or early spring.
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