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Hakea Salicifolia, Willow Leaf Hakea

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pot size: 20cm
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A large shrub or small tree growing to 5m in height.  Great shrub to consider for screening purposes.  Very tolerant of frost and drought conditions,  although performs best if watered mildly during first summer. 
It has a dense growth habit with pale to mid green lanceolate leaves. Bears white flowers in axillary clusters in Spring. Hardy fast growing screen plant.
Hakea salicifolia, commonly known as Willow Leaf Hakea, is an evergreen shrub native to Australia. It features slender, willow-like leaves and eye-catching clusters of white or cream flowers. To grow this plant, provide it with well-drained soil and a sunny location. It is relatively drought-tolerant and can withstand a range of soil types. Pruning can help maintain a compact shape and encourage bushier growth. Its attractive foliage and flowers make it a charming addition to any landscape.
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