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Flower Carpet Rose, Pink

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pot size: 14cm
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Easy care groundcover with brilliant, pink flowers. Flowers up to 10 months in warmer climates. Simple to maintain, exceptionally disease resistant and doesn't require spraying. During the long flowering season, this rose will self-clean so that there's no need for fancy pruning or deadheading. Ideal in borders, pots, and hanging baskets. Provides stunning color when used in mass plantings. 

Flower carpet roses are in fact an evergreen groundcover plants.  With a semi-prostrate rambling habit,  Very hardy, drought tolerant species.  Main flowering in spring and summer and spot flowering throughout the year. Unlike other rose species it is evergreen. 

Remove spent flowers to encourage further growth , and prune vigorously to maintain density and for better, prolonged flowering. 

Feed twice per year with Scotts Osmocote for Roses. Available from online plants for fast delivery throughout Australia.