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Euonymous Green Rocket

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pot size: 14cm
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Green Rocket’ is a beautiful dark green hedging plant with glossy, oval shaped leaves. The new growth is a lime green colour making a great contrast. This is one of the best small hedges to be used in the landscape, growing to 1.2mts tall and .9mt wide in approximately 10 years. ‘Green Rocket’ is also good for topiary cones and planter boxes etc. It is the hardy alternative to English Box. ‘Green Rocket’ loves full sun but will perform well in part shade. Likes well drained soil, is drought hardy, copes with frost and can live by the coast.

Growing tips: Trim to shape in early spring, feed well with organic fertilizer and mulch in spring to keep the roots cool for summer.

Cultural notes: Full Sun Part Shade:

Height: 1.2mts (in ten years)

Width: .9mts (in ten years)

Frost tolerant Drought hardy Coastal conditions Topiary Containers

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