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Erigeron Seaside Daisy

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pot size: 14cm
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Erigeron, commonly known as Seaside Daisy or Beach Aster, is a hardy perennial that adds a splash of color to gardens and landscapes. This compact plant typically grows to a height of 15-30 cm and spreads about 30-60 cm wide. It produces abundant small, daisy-like flowers with white, pink, or lavender petals and bright yellow centers, blooming from late spring to autumn.

Growing Tips:
Seaside Daisy thrives in well-drained soil and is tolerant of poor, sandy, or rocky conditions, making it ideal for coastal and drought-prone areas. Plant in a location with full sun to partial shade for best flowering results. Regular watering is needed to establish the plant, but it becomes more drought-tolerant once established. 

Mulching around the base helps retain moisture and control weeds. Deadheading spent flowers promotes continuous blooming and prevents self-seeding. This low-maintenance plant is perfect for borders, rock gardens, and coastal landscapes, providing long-lasting color and attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Its compact size and resilience make it a versatile addition to various garden settings.

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