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Dichondra Silver Falls

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pot size: 14cm
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Silver foliaged, shade loving or full sun. Grows to 1.5 mt wide, and a very flat, prostrate habit.  Ideal for hanging baskets. The delicate looking foliage is a sensational contrast hanging over pots with darker foliaged larger plants at rear such as Magnolia little gem.
Dichondra Silver Falls is a variety of Dichondra repens, a species of herbaceous plant in the family Convolvulaceae. It is native to Australia and New Zealand and is often grown as a decorative plant for its attractive foliage and trailing growth habit.
The Silver Falls variety of Dichondra repens is named for its striking, silvery-grey leaves that grow on long, cascading stems. The plant forms a dense, low-growing mat of foliage that can spread up to 90cm or more, making it an ideal choice for use as a groundcover or as a trailing plant in hanging baskets and containers.
Dichondra Silver Falls is a relatively low-maintenance plant that prefers a well-drained soil and a position in full sun to partial shade. It is tolerant of drought and heat, but may require regular watering during extended periods of dry weather. The plant is also sensitive to frost and may require protection in colder climates. In addition to its use as a groundcover and hanging basket plant, Dichondra Silver Falls is also a popular choice for use in mixed plantings, where its silvery foliage can be used to add contrast and texture to other plants. Grows best in dry areas away from frosts.  Fertilize annually with Debco complete garden plant food for best results
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