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Daphne Odora

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Daphne Odora, an enchanting evergreen shrub, graces gardens with its captivating fragrance and elegant blooms. Known for its aromatic, waxy flowers and glossy green foliage, this plant adds a touch of luxury to any landscape. As a member of the Daphne family, Odora captivates not just with its visual beauty but also with its sweet and lingering scent.

Planting and Growing

Cultivating Daphne Odora is a delightful endeavour. This evergreen beauty thrives in well-drained soil with a touch of acidity, making it a perfect choice for gardens with diverse soil compositions. Plant in a partial shade to full shade location, providing protection from harsh afternoon sun. With careful consideration of these factors, this plant establishes itself as a graceful presence, reaching heights of around 3 feet.

Caring and Maintenance

Caring for Daphne Odora involves a few key considerations. Ensure consistent moisture without waterlogging the soil, as Daphne Odora prefers slightly damp conditions. Mulching around the base helps retain moisture and regulates soil temperature. Pruning should be minimal, focusing on the removal of dead or damaged branches to maintain the plant's natural form. Daphne Odora rewards gardeners with its resilience and delightful blooms when provided with the right care.

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