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Betula pendula Moss White Silver Birch

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pot size: 33cm
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Betula pendula Moss White Silver Birch Moss White is a grafted variety of Birch that has been selected for its distinct pure white straight trunk. The bright Green leaves turn glorious yellow autumn. Perfect for planting in odd-numbered groupings in lawns. Prefers to be planted in cooler climates. Mature height up to 15mt and width of 4mt. 

Betula pendula 'Moss White', commonly known as Silver Birch, is a deciduous tree renowned for its striking white bark, slender form, and graceful, pendulous branches. It typically grows to about 10-15 meters in height, making it a medium-sized tree suitable for various garden settings. In spring, it produces small, yellowish catkins, followed by delicate, serrated leaves that turn a vibrant yellow in autumn.

To grow Betula pendula 'Moss White', plant it in a sunny location with well-draining soil. It tolerates a range of soil types, including sandy and clay soils, but prefers slightly acidic to neutral conditions. Ensure the site is sheltered from strong winds, which can damage the delicate branches. Regular watering is essential during the establishment period, but once established, the tree is relatively drought-tolerant. Mulching around the base helps retain soil moisture and suppress weeds. Pruning is generally not necessary, but you can remove any dead or damaged branches to maintain its shape and health.

This tree is ideal for adding vertical interest and a touch of elegance to gardens, parks, and landscapes. Its distinctive bark and graceful foliage provide year-round beauty and seasonal interest.