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Bamboo Oldhamii, Clumping Bamboo

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pot size: 20cm
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This is ‘the’ classic bamboo; big and bold. If high screening is what you need, or the look of large solid bamboo culms this is what you plant. Oldhamii is a very fast grower which will grow tall but does have a fairly small footprint. Its stance is particularly upright and is saturated with lush dark green foliage. In Melbourne, this is a large bamboo which is suitable for any suburban gardens that can accommodate medium sized trees. Unlike trees, Oldhamii can be thinned to occupy a small area and still reach 10 metre height. You must still be realistic; if growing in a narrow bed, I would not recommend anything less than 600mm and the borders must be very strong. Its roots are fibrous and will not cause damage like tree roots but the new shoots are powerful. Because of its size, it does demand some caution. maximum height for Oldhamii is 20 metres, but not in this climate thankfully! Half this size is more than adequate for most urban situations. it will still grow related to its conditions. In a dry open area with poor soil it may only reach 5mt height. Grown in rich, moist soil it may reach 10mt height. cold hardiness to minus 5 -