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Arthropodium cirratum, Renga Lilly

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pot size: 14cm
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Arthropodium Renga Lilly are a valuable plant for mass planting in shaded areas and English style gardens
Compliments well with English box hedging and colorful azaleasHelleborous and Trachelospernum.
Vibrant and long flowering. An evergreen, perennial plant bearing sprays of white flowers in summer. thrives in a shady position in moist, well drained soil. Height to 60cm.  Stunning wide foliage,  remove spent leaves to encourage new growth.  Use baysol to help ward off snails.  
Arthropodium cirratum, commonly known as the Renga lily or rock lily, is a species of herbaceous perennial plant in the Asparagaceae family that is native to New Zealand. It is a popular ornamental plant in gardens and landscaping due to its attractive foliage and delicate flowers.
The Renga lily typically grows to a height of around 60cm and produces clusters of white or pink flowers on tall stems in spring and summer. The leaves are long and slender, with a blue-green color and a slightly arching habit. This plant prefers well-drained soil and partial shade but can also tolerate full sun in cooler climates. It is relatively low-maintenance and can be propagated by division of the rhizomes.
Will benefit from feeding twice per year with a complete plant food and liquid fertilizer. Arthropodium cirratum, Renga Lilly is available from Online Plants, Australia's leading e-commerce plant nursery. Located in Melbourne we offer fast, accurate and careful plant delivery to all Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane, metropolitan and regional areas.