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Agapanthus Streamline

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pot size: 20cm
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Agapanthus Streamline is a gutsy little dwarf Agapanthus species. Streamline has an extremely long flowering season and will reliably flower from early spring all the way through to late summer, and the fine green foliage throughout the rest of the year makes this a delicate looking plant, which truly belies it’s robust growth habit. 

Ideal for lining a driveway or garden path in a perennial garden setting. Even suits formal garden situations, Plant in clumps of 5 for best effect, or at 30 cm intervals for low hedging effect. 

Drought tolerant once established. Frost tolerant. Perfect for Australian gardens. Dead head after flowering. Even use as cut flowers. Fertilize each spring with organic plant food. At maturity will reach 30-40cm tall and wide.

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