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Acacia Lime Magik

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pot size: 20cm
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Acacia Lime Majik is a wonderful addition to the garden.  Lime Majik is a spectacular specimen plant. Unique shape and foliage colour are very attractive in any situation and makes a wonderful contrast around deep green shrubs. At maturity can reach 4-5mt tall and 2-3mt wide.  Although this varies greatly depending on soil type and environmental conditions. 

Acacia Lime Magic is a cultivar of Acacia cognata, which is a species of plant native to Australia. Acacia Lime Magic is a compact, evergreen shrub with lime-green foliage that is highly attractive. It has a weeping habit and the leaves of Acacia Lime Magic are narrow and long, with a soft, feathery texture, and they give off a citrusy scent when crushed.

Acacia Lime Magic is a relatively new introduction to the horticultural market, and it has become popular in landscaping and garden design. It is especially useful in small gardens, as it has a compact growth habit, and it can also be grown in containers. Acacia Lime Magic prefers well-drained soil and a sunny position, and it is relatively low maintenance. It is drought-tolerant once established, and it is not typically affected by pests or diseases.

Lime Majik with a pendulous habit and striking foliage in strong shades of glowing, lime-green. This cheerfully bright large shrub to the small tree makes a stunning display amongst other deeper green foliage plants. Produces an abundance of soft yellow flowers during late Winter and Spring.

Consider Acacia Bower Wattle as a similar planting specimen.

Will benefit from feeding twice per year with complete plant food and liquid fertilizer. For further inquiries please use our free garden design service or email: 

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