Why Online Plants Sunshine Coast?

Online Plants Sunshine CoastAt Online Plants Sunshine Coast, we provide you with high-quality plants for your gardening needs at cost-friendly prices. Each of our plants has a 12-month growth guarantee to help you shop from us with confidence. We directly deliver all of our product to you from the farms to guarantee potency when you transplant them in your garden. We have over 10,000 plant species in our catalog at different stages of growth. With this and more being added on to our list, you can turn nowhere else to buy plants online. Our experience in the horticulture business spans over 50 years which is why you can rely on us to guide you into realizing your dream garden.

We provide plants such as acacia, shrubs, maple, climbing plants, various bamboo species including textiles gracilis, Nepalese blue, Himalayan weeping, freesia, and China gold. We also provide accessories and planting soils required for the healthy growth of your plants.

We provide consultation services in areas such as stormwater management, drainage, and designing of irrigation plans to help improve plants garden. We offer home garden consultation service in the whole of Sunshine Coast. The service is an in-depth analysis and design plan of how plants are placed at your pace during delivery. Our visits to your garden enable face to face discussions about plants nursery that would be the perfect fit for your outdoor area. We custom make your garden plan to fit within your budget, and you can claim back your consultation fee when you buy plants worth above $2000.