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Which Lilly Pilly Is Good For Your Garden?

Which Lilly Pilly Is Good For Your Garden?

Lilly Pilly is a popular Australian native plant used as a display and screening plant in gardens. Whether you have a tight space or a large backyard, these can enhance the look of your garden in no time. Lilly Pilly are fast-growing and demand less maintenance. Their roots are non-invasive meaning that you can plant them near your walls as well; they won’t do any harm to your buildings. Should you have any concerns about ordering plants online, you can visit plant nursery Melbourne where they can guide you on which one to choose. With so many varieties of Lilly Pilly, it would be overwhelming to pick what suits your garden. If you’re excited to know which Lilly Pilly is best for your garden, let’s dive in.

Acmena Smithii Minor

Acmena Smithii Minor is a small bushy shrub resistant to psyllids. It has an attractive bronze coloured new growth with the old leaves turning into a dark shiny green. It features fluffy creamy-white flowers during summer followed by masses of brightly coloured berries. Acmena Smithii Minor variety is best for hedging and can withstand all types of climate. 

Acmena Allyn Magic

It is one of the fantastic dwarf shrubs of Lilly Pilly variety, with bright-red foliage and is psyllid resistant. Acmena Allyn Magic displays fluffy flowers and edible berries. All it needs is some good-quality compost to feed them during the summer months.

Syzygium Luehmannii

If you’re looking to create a fountain set up for your garden, planting this Lilly Pilly is a fantastic option. It is ornamental and wildlife-friendly and beautifies with its abundant pink berries.

Hinterland Gold

This Lilly Pilly will grow up to a height of 4m and adorns the place with its compact natural shape, which doesn’t require pruning if grown in large space. Syzygium Hinterland Gold produces golden glossy new leaves appear throughout the year.

Syzygium Hemilampra

Fondly known as the beach Lilly Pilly, this broad-leaved Lilly Pilly is a rain forest tree often planted near the coastal areas. It has glossy green foliage, russet red new growth and clusters of small white spring flowers followed by white, edible berries.

Bottom Line

If you want to buy lilly pilly plants online, come to Online Plants. Our nursery staff will help you pick the right one for your garden.

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