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What Do You Want To Know About Lilly Pilly?

What Do You Want To Know About Lilly Pilly?

Are you looking for a hedging plant that can screen out unlikable views? Lilly Pilly can be your best choice. Characterised by stunning thick foliage with a lustrous sheen, Lilly pilly serves various purposes such as windbreaks, hedges, eye-catching decorative plant and attracting birds to your garden. They produce a wonderful display of fragrant white flowers in the summer. Some of the species produce edible red or purple fruits which are ideal for preserves and jams. Lilly pillies also give rise to a spectacular contrast in foliage colour, ranging from red, pink or copper in new growth to deep glossy green on maturity. 

Where Can You Plant Lilly Pilly?

Lilly pilly prefers fertile, moist soil but can thrive in full sun and semi shade. They even grow well in sandy soils, droughts, frosts and coastal conditions. Though they need regular watering, you must make sure that the planted site dries out quickly. If you are growing lilly pilly in pots, water regularly as they become more prone to diseases. Lilly pillies will also do well if you mulch them regularly. 

How Should You Prune Your Lilly Pilly?

If you want an elegant, dense plant or would like to achieve a particular shape, pruning is important. Regular pruning encourages the dense growth of the plant, meaning that you can restrict their growth to a particular height. It is always a good idea to prune the tips after the flowering season as it will facilitate a greater flower display in the following flowering season. 

What Are The Most Popular Varieties of Lilly Pillies?

Where to Buy Lilly Pillies?

There are many online plants nurseries Melbourne where you can find lilly pilly plants at the most competitive prices. These nurseries also provide free garden design and garden consultation service that helps you establish a beautiful garden in your yard. 

If you would like to buy lilly pilly online, order from Online Plants – a leading online plants nursery Melbourne. We stock and supply all the above listed lilly pilly varieties throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane, metropolitan and regional areas. For further queries, you can use our garden consultation service melbourne.

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