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What Are The Most Recommended Varieties Of Lomandra?

What Are The Most Recommended Varieties Of Lomandra?

If you are looking for ornamental grass varieties that are suited for drought-prone areas and sites with low maintenance needs, you will not go wrong with Lomandra grass. Native to Australia, the grasses can grow profusely in wet feet as well as in dry summer conditions. They are acoustically appealing and send you into a pleasant swoon with their elegant movements. This versatile grass can grow comfortably even in containers and pots. With a tough nature and transformative foliage, they make a perfect low border and outstanding landscape performer.  

Features Of Lomandra:

  • Green, tufting plant
  • Scented flower spikes
  • Grow well in full sun and shade
  • Grow to a height of 1.2m
  • Tolerate extreme warm and cold condition
  • Disease and pest tolerant
  • Grow well in moist soil

Popular Varieties of Lomandra:

Blue Ridge:

With the ability to tolerate dry conditions and cold hardiness, Lomandra Blue Ridge grasses are suitable for landscape projects. New leaves appear in beautiful powder blue colour which darkens to green on maturing.

Chewton Grey:

This is a hardy clumping tuft that produces fragrant flowers and blue-tinged new growth in spring. It can tolerate extreme drought and frost condition. These Lomandra Chewton Grey grasses grow well in moist soil to a height of 60cm tall and 1m wide.

Confertifolia Silver Grace:

This is a clumping Lomandra Confertifolia Silver Grace grass with elegant blue-grey narrow weeping foliage and fragrant yellow followers. With an ability to tolerate extreme heat, frost, drought and salt, they grow to a height of 50cm tall and 40cm wide.

Longifolia Mat Rush:

Lomandra Longifolia Mat Rush is a large, tufted grass with strap-like leaves and cream, yellow flowers that are produced in spring and winter. With an ability to grow in sandy soil to clay and sun to part shade positions, they can tolerate dry spells and wet spells.

Other Popular Varieties:

Lomandra Cracker Jack, Lomandra Echidna Grass, Lomandra Fibre OpticLomandra Fine and Dandy, Lomandra Fluviatilis SharaLomandra Katrinus DeluxeLomandra Lime DivineLomandra Lime WaveLomandra Little ConLomandra Nyalla and Lomandra Little Pal are other popular types of Lomandra that are best suited for landscaping.

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