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Tropical Climate Gardening

Tropical Climate Gardening

If you are looking for grass for your garden that is a little bit different, then you may want to consider trying out the Lomandra Lime Tuff. This is a grass that has been developed by Bush Magik and has several advantages that means it can work in any type of garden.

It is a compact plant that has a bright lime green foliage which sets it apart from other types of grass. It keeps its color all year round and so will always look great in your garden regardless of what season we are in. It is also a very hardy plant and it doesn't require any pruning which makes it very easy to take care of.

One of the biggest advantages of Lomandra Lime Tuff is that it can grow in almost all conditions. You can put it in any area of the garden as it will grow just as well in shade as it will in an area that has the sun all day. It is even strong enough to be able to withstand a frost.

To get the best results from your Lomandra Lime Tuff you should plant it in a soil with a Ph between 4.5 and 7. It will flower all year round and as such it does not really matter what time of year it is planted. If you use a fertiliser, then you will need to make sure that it is a slow release and only contains a small amount of phosphorus. Mulch can be used around the base of the grass to stop the plant from losing too much water and to help prevent the growth of weeds.

Varieties: Lomandra Seascape, Lomandra Tanika, Lomandra Shortscape, Lomandra Wingara, Lomandra Empress, Lomandra Frosty Top, Lomandra Golden Spray, Lomandra Long John Silver, Lomandra Misty Green, Lomandra Tilga, Lomandra Verday, Lomandra Blue Ridge, Lomandra Fibre Optic, Lomandra Cracker Jack, Lomandra Echidna Grass, Lomandra Lime Divine, Lomandra Fine and Dandy, Lomandra Lime Wave, Lomandra Little Con, Lomandra Katrinus Deluxe, Lomandra Fluviatilis Shara, Lomandra Little Pal, Lomandra Longifolia Mat Rush, Lomandra Nyalla

There are several uses for Lomandra Lime Tuff and so it can be a good addition to any garden. It can be planted in the ground or in pots and so there are several options for you to consider. If it is planted in the ground, then it is very effective at preventing the erosion of your soil. It will also look good when it is used as part of a rockery because the plant will cascade downwards.

Want to set up a Tropical Climate Garden in your lawn? Why not visit Online Plants talk to our garden consultation melbourne team? Also, place your order for Lomandra Lime Tuff for your DIY gardening setup.

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